Home Remedy for Termite Control

Has your house been affected by termites? Do you want to get rid of termites? You have a lot of home remedy options to control termite. Nonetheless, assigning the task to a professional termite control service provider is the best option. Still, you can maintain your house to keep termites away from your home by resorting to the following:

  • Keep termite food away from the building, since the termites like cellulose, keep the wood items away from them
  • Remove all the timbers that are left over after the construction activities
  • Fix the leakages in the water pipe, shower, drain, sink, etc.
  • Keep the house dry through proper ventilation and drainage because the termites prefer humid conditions
  • Ensure the building structure is properly designed and remain compact
  • Eliminate the termite colonies, etc.

Most of the above-mentioned remedies, you can do yourself. However, when it comes to eliminating termite colonies, it requires professional service that is provided at My Termite Company. Here the need is to kill the reproductive termites, i.e. the king and queen. To do so, you must know which chemical is applied to eliminate. Moreover, what is the quality of the chemical to be used? Otherwise, there would be health repercussions post the treatment. Considering these issues, it is better to hire termite experts. We have years of experience in termite control and their elimination services. Contact us for termite treatment services.