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Patch or replace termite damaged wood

Termites are one of the few insects that can severely damage a home, especially the foundation (subarea). Not only is it important to get rid of the termites, but also repair the damage they have caused. This will help prevent new termite from re-infesting your home later rather than sooner. If not repaired, the damaged wood would be as a furnished home for the new termites, and begin damaging the home where the last colony left off.

Repairs for wet-rot or dry-rot is also important since it can lead to future infestation for termites. Upon request, a quote may be given for these type of wood repairs.

We offer 30 days warranty on all repairs, as well as prime and color match any wood we patch or replace.

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Wood repair options

With over 20 years of wood repair experience, we know how to properly fix termite damaged wood in your home or building. Our experienced inspectors will be able to determine if the wood needs to be patched or replaced.

Wood Patching

When the damage is 30% or less, we recommend patching the wood. We use Bondo®, a professional grade filler. This all-purpose putty is packed into the wood. In less than an hour, the filler hardens, gets sanded down by the carpenter, primed then painted.

Wood Replacement

When the stability of the wood is compromised, we recommend replacing the wood. During the initial inspection, our inspector will take note of the type of wood and the size. The damaged wood is removed and the new wood takes its place. Once stable, the wood is primed and painted. Upon request, we can pretreat the new wood with Bora-Care®.

Wood Replacement

Wood Pretreatment

Interested in long lasting termite prevention? We offer pre-treating the wood we replace with Bora-Care®. Bora-Care® is a chemical that stays active in the wood up to 9 years, affecting termites and wood-eating beetles.

We offer 3 years warranty on pre-treated wood.


Most common termite wood repair questions

We highly recommend to repair any and all termite damage to prevent future infestation and/or mold from forming. Think of the damaged wood as a brand new furnished home for new termites; they do not have to struggle to find an idle nesting place within the damaged wood. In addition, if the damaged wood is exposed to water (such as rain), it can allow the water to collect and form wet rot or mold without proper ventilation.

Repairing any type of wooden damage is important in preventing new termites from entering your home. Damaged wood is like a furnished home for new termites since they do not have to “chew” as much to reach a comfortable nesting place. Wood with tunnels left behind from a previous termite colony allows new termites to start a colony in the inner parts of a home and may not be visible for years to come. Always repair damaged wood ahead of time to prevent costly treatments and repairs. 

Without detection, termites can live for years while damaging your home unnoticed. Subterranean termites, for instance, live in the soil and typically attack structural wood members of the home as their first point of contact. As for drywood termites, their first point of contact is the exterior, so it may be necessary to break walls to get to the damaged wood. Repairing any structural wood member is costly in today’s market. In certain neighborhoods, in order to repair structural wood members, permits will be required which will add to the expenses.

Yes, it is highly possible for termites to cause structural damage. More specifically, subterranean termites have a much higher chance of attacking structural wood members in the foundation since the colony lives in the soil directly beneath the foundation. Drywood termites, on the other hand, can easily reach rafters and wood beams since these wood members are located in the exterior of the home.

Termites can cause damage to any and all wood members of a home by eating away all structural support of the wood. In addition, the hollowness of a wood caused by termites, allows rain water to accumulate which can lead to wet-rot and/or mold.

The worst termites can do is cause a property to collapse, which was the case in New Orleans in 2016. Read story

It is not common for termites to completely destroy a home before the infestation is noticeable, but it is possible. Since termites eat 24 hours a day, and reproduce yearly, it is safe to assume termites can destroy a whole house given enough time and without being disturbed.

Experts estimate that over a period of about five months, a group of around 60,000 termites can eat the equivalent of one foot of a 2×4 beam. You should be aware, however, that there can be multiple colonies within a property, each with about 60,000 members. Depending on the wood members the termites reside, serious damage can vary from a decade to a couple years.

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