What is the Cost of a Termite Treatment?

A lot of factors are taken into consideration when making a termite treatment cost estimate. For example, the following:

  • the exact termite issue in the property
  • the category of termite (i.e. subterranean termite, drywood termite, etc.)
  • the type of infestation
  • the presence of mud tubes and damage to wood, etc.

We perform termite inspections. During an initial visit, our experts arrive at the property and initiate the procedures of inspection. Our main priority is to determine the termite species, then a termite treatment can be ascertained accordingly. We then focus on whether the property requires extensive treatment or treatment confined to a specific spot. The size of the property also matters when deciding the cost of the termite treatment. The quantity of treatment used is also considered. For more information about the cost of termite treatment, contact us.