Radar Camera Guided Treatment – Alternative to Drill Method for Controlling Termites

Whenever there are termite issues, most of the service providers offer drill methods to treat termites. In our case, we have an amazing alternative method by which drilling in the structure can be put to rest. This method is known as a radar camera guided treatment. Nonetheless, we also have the drill method to control termites. But the treatment through the radar camera has the advantage over the drill. Without tampering the structure, this method can be applied to deal with termites. In this method, an odorless chemical is used and the radar camera known as termatrac is put to practice. Our trained technicians apply this method and they sort out the right amount of chemicals to be used. We used branded chemicals approved by the government in the right dosage. This is our credibility in our termite control service leading to appreciation by many clients.

The advantage of using camera guided treatment is that it becomes easy to identify the termites even in the wooden fixtures and wardrobes. Moreover, it is a safe method to eliminate termites. Hence, most of the clients opt for radar camera guided treatment. If you are considering this kind of treatment, gives us a call.