Types of Termite Treatments

In order to protect your property, you can resort to 4 types of termite treatments:

  • Non-chemical
  • Chemical
  • Conventional barrier
  • Bait

As termite control service provider, we have a qualified staff that can conduct a thorough assessment of your property and then provides the appropriate termite treatment. If, for example, the assessment report suggests not using insecticides, our experts will use a non-chemical treatment, such as physical barriers.

Although chemical treatments are considered the best method for curbing termites, they bring risk to the health of the property occupants and the environmental surroundings. Popular household treatment is a conventional barrier treatment. Here, a soil-applied barrier is used to deal with termite infestations. Termite bait is also an effective treatment. Ingredients like diflubenzuron and hexaflumuron assist in preventing insect development. Contact us today!