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Rodent Control Service
January 7, 2021
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Need Pest Control Service?
January 7, 2021
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Termite Inspection

A termite inspection is a must and it should be carried out at regular intervals. Inspection is a kind of early detection activity and it lets know the house owner the status of termite presence. As per the termite presence or no presence, the subsequent activity can be carried out. We at My Termite Company (818) 940-0203 for home pest inspection in Altadena CA carry out professional inspection service for both residential and commercial clients. Our professional expert executes this task based on a checklist. For instance, we conduct an inspection involving termite infestation. In this regard, our checklist would be on the following aspects:

● Termite critical areas
● Exterior
● Points of entry
● Interior
● Completion

Again in the termite control area, our inspectors will examine mulch beds, woodpiles, tree stumps, timbers, wood fences, and shrubbery among others. When it comes to the exterior, we inspect the foundation of the property, patios, sidewalks, and areas close to bathrooms. Besides we inspect windows and utilities like gas and electrical services. Even the wood materials used in swimming pools are subjected to inspection. Similarly, there is a checklist to inspect the points of entry. Each activity of the inspection is carried out thoroughly. The idea is to identify the presence of termites and close the ways of their entry. If you want your place to remain as a termite-free environment, then contact us at My Termite Company (818) 940-0203 for home pest termite inspection in Altadena CA.

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