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Not sure if you have termites? Know for certain with a termite inspection by our Los Angeles termite inspectors. They are trained and certified to identify termites living in your house or building.

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We offer a range of low toxic products to exterminate termites. Depending on the application, we use Vikane®, Termidor®, Altriset®, Tim-Bor® and Bora-Care®. All our termite treatments are covered by a min 2 year warranty.

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Major termite infestations than cannot be controlled with local spot treatments will require fumigation. This method requires covering your home or building in a special nylon tent.

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When the structural integrity of a beam, joist, post or other wooden structure has been damaged by termites, our skilled carpenters can repair it. All our wood repairs are covered by a 30-day warranty.

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One of the best lines of defense against termites is a prevention plan. Preventative termite treatments help eliminate termite colonies damaging your property both indoors and outdoors.

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After completing a treatment or repair, we offer a termite maintenance program to keep your property termite free for years to come. Our custom tailored plans will save you money in the long term.



Every Los Angeles homeowner fears the possibility of having a termite infestation in their house. Therefore, it pays to be vigilant and get an inspection the moment you suspect your house has termites. You want a residential termite company to effectively treat the invasion fast with lasting results. Real estate agents and contractors also trust us to fix their client’s termite problem with a multi-step treatment plan that includes preventative maintenance and repairing termite damage. 

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Business Owners


Whether you own a retail storefront or manage a commercial property in Los Angeles, you know a termite-free work environment is a must. If left ignored, a termite infestation can quickly get out of control and result in getting your business fined or shut down. By neglecting to protect your employees and customers from getting bite or stung by termites may result in a lawsuit. My Termite Company knows how to properly treat termite problems while minimizing business disruptions in any office space.


Termite Fumigations & Tenting

Sometimes a termite infestation is so devastating that whole-house fumigation is necessary. Often known as “tenting”, structural fumigation is a highly effective, all-encompassing termite treatment that eradicates drywood termites that are visible or inaccessible. The fumigation process requires us to enclose your house in a tent of vinyl-coated nylon tarpaulins before we can release the fumigant. 

We follow all the necessary steps recommended by California’s Structural Pest Control Board to ensure the fumigation process is done correctly. Customers are provided all the details how to prepare their homes before fumigation occurs. Tenting large Los Angeles homes is our specialty. However, no house is too small for us to fumigate.

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Termite Prevention Strategy 

No property owner wants a termite occurrence or be told they’re back. We can help prevent future termite damage during the construction phase of your new home, rental property or building in Los Angeles. Existing structures with unfinished wood areas can also be treated. Home builders and contractors will often coordinate with us the necessary pretreats during new construction or remodeling.

If the strategy is to avoid soil treatments that break down in just a few years, then you’ll want to learn more this sustainable termite pretreatment alternative that comes with a 30-year limited warranty. Our termite technicians are industry trained how to mix and spray Bora-Care® pretreats.


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