Termite Repair Specialists Near Me

Termites are known as the best source for decomposing cellulose. Hence, they are the real menace for any wood structure in the living space.

To deal with this menace, My Termite Company provides four methods. Those are physical, chemical, biological, and bait.

The most popular one is the physical method or physical barrier to control subterranean termites. It is used as toxic and nontoxic barriers depending on the requirements. Allow our inspectors to conduct a termite inspection of your premises to let you know the specific physical barrier to be used.

If the need is for a toxic barrier, the specialists will use chemical termiticides in the soil in and around the structure. Other physical methods like heat and electricity could also be used.

We have trained manpower and the necessary equipment to stop the proliferation of termite infestation. Unless the termites are controlled, it could lead to inevitable damage to your living place. Hence, you want to contact a professional to prevent the damage.