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Verify if your home or building has termites

A thorough termite inspection is highly recommended to assess the type of termites your property has, where they are located, and how extensive the infestation is.

All of our Los Angeles termite inspectors are licensed and experienced.

They will give you the best solution to eliminate any termite problem including any conditions that may lead to termite infestation in the future.

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  • Termite evidence
  • Exterior inspection
  • Price Quote

This inspection is generally for those who want a quick and fast treatment or an estimate for fumigation only.


  • Termite evidence
  • Exterior inspection
  • Interior inspection
  • Written Report
  • Price Quote

* Starting price. Price increases if property is greater than 2,000 sq ft

This inspection is generally for those who have a contractor or handyman scheduled to do the repairs and only requires termite treatment.


  • Termite evidence
  • Dry-rot evidence
  • Wet-rot evidence
  • Wood damage evidence
  • Water leak evidence
  • Exterior inspection
  • Interior inspection
  • Written Report
  • Price Quote
  • Escrow Termite inspection $130*

* Starting price. Price increases if property is greater than 2,000 sq ft

This inspection is generally for those who want the most thorough inspection to protect their property from any current termite infestation or conductive conditions for termite infestations.

Depending on the inspection type you request, our inspectors will look for evidence of termite activity at the following structures:

  • Window frames
  • Attic
  • Crawl space
  • Roof Eves
  • Sidings
  • Patio / Decks / Porches
  • Garage
  • Door frames
  • Anything of wood excluding furniture

Termite droppings, mud tubes and discarded wings are clear signs of infestations.

If you purchase a PRO inspection, our inspectors will also check for these conditions that can lead to termite infestations:

  • Fungus
  • Dry Rot
  • Wet Rot
  • Water stains
  • Wood damage
  • Wooden debris
  • Drainage issues

Our inspection reports will be written and easy to understand.

In addition to detailing any termite findings, paid reports will also provide recommendations and pricing.


Benefits of termite inspections

As part of your termite maintenance, termite inspections should be done once a year. Controlling termite outbreaks early will save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars on future wood repairs.
Other benefits of a termite inspection include:

  • Catches termite colonies from reproducing and spreading
  • Protects you from rotting wood structures (beams, posts, stairs) that can happen collapse
  • Keeps you, your family, and belongings safe
  • Gives you peace of mind

In addition to homeowners, we also provide termite inspections for real estate agents, remodeling contractors, home builders, and property managers / landlords.


Most common termite inspection questions

Due to the high risk of termite infestation in California, it is recommended to invest in a full termite inspection once a year. Annual termite inspections are essential to help prevent large scale infestation and damage to your home.

Depending on the type of inspection you choose. A full termite inspection covers all wood destroying organisms such as termites, beetles, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, dry-rot, fungus, and any conditions that attract termites & may lead to termite infestation in the future

Yes. Termites can cause serious, lasting damage to homes. You would not want to invest in a property that is full of termites and/or termite damage. Even though a house could look pretty on the outside, much damage and infestation can be hidden on the inside. It is best to hire a trusted termite company to do a full inspection before you invest in a new home.

Yes. Unless you are selling the property “as is”, you should always get a termite inspection so you know the condition of home before you get any offers; this way you can negotiate the deal or correct the conditions to prevent escrow from NOT closing. If YOU avoid a termite inspection, a potential buyer may request a termite report while the home is in escrow, and if the home has an infestation, this may intimidate a buyer and potentially the buyer can back out of the deal. It is best to avoid headaches and save time by initiating your own termite inspection as soon as possible.

Yes! If you see a neighboring home being fumigated, we highly recommend scheduling a termite inspection for your home. When termites reproduce, they fly wherever the wind blows them, a tree, a bush, another part of the same house, or another house. Since we can not be sure how long termites have been in your neighbors home, it is hard to tell how long the termites have been reproducing and flying around your neighborhood. It is best to schedule a termite inspection to ensure your home has not been a nesting place for your neighbors termites.

Yes! Even if you are not selling your house, an annual termite inspection is essential in preventing costly treatments and repairs in the future. Since termites are small and sensitive to light, noticing any termite evidence is quite difficult to the untrained eye. A termite inspection will identify any sign of a colony and recommend treatment before they can reproduce throughout your home, preventing fumigations and repairs.

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    Wendy and her team at My Termite Company are awesome! We have treated two properties using their services. They always respond fast. They kept me updated about every stage of the fumigation and repairs process. They gave me a fair price and took into account all changes that happened during the process. We are very happy with their work and customer service!

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