How to tackle Termites?

Termites are inaccurately nicknamed as white ants. They are closely related to cockroaches and regarded as detritivores.  Termites have the reputation of causing vast devastation within a household.

Even if you’re able to identify a termite infestation, you can’t estimate their established time. We have a habit of holding on to lots of spare paper and wood, which tends to attract the attention of termites. By the time you aware of their presence, they might’ve already damaged a significant amount of wood from the roof to basement.

Allow the experts from My Termite Company to check the overall structure of your house to look for cracks and get them fixed. They’ll be sure to identify vulnerable termite affected areas, including wooden furniture attached to walls.

Our experts apply thermal detection technique to identify termites. Accordingly, they use effective chemicals that cause damage to the structure of your home.