How to Recognize Termite Infestation in Building?

The first point of recognizing termite infestation in a building is flying swarms of winged reproductives from the soil or wood. One can’t observe the actual flight. But you can notice discarded wings which indicate the presence of a termite colony.

From the exterior side, you can’t identify termite damages if any. Because the termites don’t resort to reducing wood to powdery substances. If there are dry wood termites, then you will notice the powdery substances. You can recognize the termites if you find earth-like shelter tubes. On the contrary, if you notice pellets of excreta, it indicates the presence of dry wood termites. Similarly, if you identify the presence of pellets of partly digested wood, it gives a positive sign about non-subterranean termites.

One more thing that is worth noticing is the fact of hollow sound on tapping structural timber. If you get it, it indicates the destructive activities of the termites. We offer termite identification and elimination service.

Our professional and experienced inspectors will identify the presence of termites throughout the building depending on the termite inspection type. Moreover, they will assess the nature of the damage. Based on their findings, they will come to know the activities of specific groups of termites like subterranean or dry wood. Accordingly, a termite elimination plan would be developed to implement effectively.

You are always welcome to ask us questions if your building has a termite infestation.