Fumigate termites in your house or building

The drywood treatment method called fumigation, or tenting, is highly effective in exterminating all traces of drywood termites without damaging property or leaving residue. The process involves covering your whole house or building in a tent of vinyl-coated nylon tarpaulins for a minimum of two nights while an odorless gas fumigant called Vikane® is released inside.

We perform fumigation only when the infestation is excessive and widespread in a whole-house structure. This proven treatment can ensure 100% elimination of drywood termites.

We offer 2 to 3 years warranty on fumigation treatments.

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How does fumigation work?

During the fumigation process, we use Vikane®, a gas that penetrates all air spaces inside your house or building. The chemical itself is odorless, tasteless and does not leave any residue behind.

Your property is affected for 24 hours. Once the mark hits, the ventilation are open and the gas dissipates into the air. After another 24 hours, it is safe to go back inside, worry free. 

To ensure it’s safe to go back inside your structure, our fumigation professionals have a special machine that checks the air quality and use it in every room before they allow you back in.

We understand how the thought of a toxic chemical entering your home can be daunting. But rest assure, many tests and studies have been performed to ensure it is completely safe after a fumigation. In addition, California created the Structural Pest Control Board  to regulate all fumigation companies operating in California.

Getting Ready

How to prepare before fumigation

When a home is being fumigated, the law requires all food is properly bagged or removed from the property.

Also, trees or plants need to be trimmed 2 ft. away from the walls to avoid the tent being damaged and to seal the house properly. This includes any gravel and mulch surrounding the structure. 

We understand fumigation can be a hassle. For this reason, we have developed a planning guide to make preparation easier for you.

This guide will provide steps how to prepare your home and family before the fumigation. It will also answer many frequently asked questions. 

We are different than other termite companies by offering extra services to make fumigation preparation easy. Request a free quote if you want us to take care of preparing your home before fumigation.

Notifying tenants

image: notifying tenants before fumigation

Preparing a home for a single-family home is stressful enough. Adding scores of building tenants to the equation triples the stress! Rest assured, we ensure your tenants are well prepared to completely reduce the chance of setbacks.

At no additional cost, we schedule group meetings two weeks before the fumigation, and one-to-one meetings a day before the fumigation.

Bagging food

image: bagging food before fumigation

Our fumigation technicians are trained to properly bag your food, drugs (including tobacco) and medicines.

This guide will provide photos how to properly store your items in protective Nylofume® bags provided by My Termite Company. Also, it will list the items that need to be bagged and ones that don’t.

Trimming vegetation

image: trimming trees before fumigation

Our team is trained to trim only what’s necessary for fumigation. Our goal is to protect your trees, shrubs, hedges and plants as much as possible without jeopardizing the fumigation.


Most common termite fumigation questions

Fumigation is the quickest and most effective treatment that ensures all drywood termites in the home are killed. That being said, fumigation is not always necessary in a home if the termite infestation is minimal or the areas that are infected with termites are accessible for a local treatment. A thorough inspection of the home is necessary to be able to determine if a local treatment will take care of the infestation.

Fumigations are highly regulated by the state of California with daily inspections from county inspectors on fumigation job sites. Many licenses are needed to engage in fumigation activity to ensure safety. In addition, My Termite Company only uses the best brand for fumigation: Vikane®.

On the day the tent is removed, the fumigation crew will post a re-entry notice on the front door to reassure it is safe to enter the home. In addition, the crew cannot legally leave the premises if the house is not safe to re-enter. This means if you see the tent removed from the house and the crew is not present, it is safe to re-enter.

Drywood termites can remain alive as long as 2 weeks after fumigation.

You may continue to notice some pellets or droppings for 2-4 weeks after the fumigation. This does not mean the fumigation failed. Some frass (pellets) may remain on the tunnels that the termites created and when doors or windows are open it may shake out.

No, some pest may not be affected by the fumigation such as spiders, silverfish and roaches.

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My Termite Company provides termite fumigation (tenting) within a 30-mile radius of our Northeast Los Angeles office. To see if we service your location, enter the zip code of the place that requires fumigation.

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    Wendy and her team at My Termite Company are awesome! We have treated two properties using their services. They always respond fast. They kept me updated about every stage of the fumigation and repairs process. They gave me a fair price and took into account all changes that happened during the process. We are very happy with their work and customer service!

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