Worried About Mouse Infestation?

Mice of different kinds invade homes. They do this throughout the year. Momma mice do this to search for a good place to give birth to a prodigy. Purpose could vary but the mouse searches for places inside the home. Their presence paves way for mouse infestation. However, you could remain unaware of this until you get some telltale signs. Nonetheless with our experience and expertise we can identify the spots indicating infestation. So initiate a preemptive measure by reaching us. Our expert team will spot on the locations used by mice. Generally mice indulge in activities like eating, pooping and making nests. Hence we will also identify the nests before providing the treatment.

Rodents come in various types such as voles, shrews, and red squirrels among others. Therefore, our treatment is also according to the specific type. But as a precautionary measure, don’t keep the paper, fabrics and loose piles in open. Rodents eat all these. Our service in this respect is known as interior pest inspection. Only our professionals can identify the specific type of rodent. If required, we can resort to the baiting method. Likewise, we have a trapping and exclusion method. Actually there is no simple way to get rid of mice. If you want to see your living place free from mice, then contact My Termite Company.