Why is it Difficult to Detect Subterranean Termites?

Subterranean termites are structural pests in our houses and wood structures. They are not traceable so easily. The termites are usually invasive. Mostly they find their food from the soil. To get the food, they construct underground tunnels thereby they remain there only. This is the prime reason to detect termites in subtropical areas. If not found, they cause heavy damage to the property. It doesn’t mean that they can’t be traced or no control measures for them. However, tracing the termites is a tactical aspect for which trained manpower is required. We have the trained and qualified manpower to reach the actual habitat place of the termite. No matter where they hide, we will identify them for sure. Therefore, you could hire our service by calling (323) 258-5820 for a termite inspection. We trace them by observing the hierarchy of behavior the subterranean termites go through.

We can implement various control measures for controlling subterranean termites. They are mostly physical, biological, and chemical. In the majority of the cases, chemical control measures are found to be very effective. Under these control measures, our termite experts resort to:

  • Toxic bait
  • Barrier technology
  • Stainless steel mesh

These control measures are really helpful and you will notice their elimination and gradual reduction in their population. Hence make a small investment in controlling the termites by hiring professional services as we deliver. Otherwise, you would end up losing millions. Reach us at (323) 258-5820 if you want successful detection and elimination of subterranean termites.