What is Sustainable Termite Management?

Sustainability in general indicates the ability for maintaining the balance of a certain state in a system. However, the context is different. In this respect, three perspectives are taken into consideration, they are economic, social and environmental. Why do we emphasize three aspects? As you know the current termite control practices like soli application, chemical barrier and termite baits. However, there is a question as to whether the as usual practice really benefits the needy because people want termite control. It doesn’t mean that they have to spend more. At the same time, they need to be assured of the best results. So in order to balance out these aspects, our experts at termite solutions in Glendale have come up with a model known as sustainable termite management.

Take the case of soil termiticide treatments. It accounts for more than eighty percent current subterranean termite control practices. If you prefer this treatment, then you would save a lot, i.e. economic benefits will accrue to you. However, when it comes to the bait system, it is a little bit expensive because it requires several rounds of visits to locations. No doubt we are doing it. However, in order to reduce the cost of service, we have technologies to reduce the frequency of visits or on-site inspections. This technology is known as electronic sensing and automated monitoring devices. This is a durable bait to protect the active ingredient (AI) and bait matrix from degradation. This reflects both social and environmental perspectives. So, won’t you look for sustainable termite management from us? If you require further clarification, feel free to contact our experts.