Ways to Tackle Bed Bugs in Mattress?

Bed bugs have been a serious problem for most of us. It is not only a growing concern for households but for hotels as well. Tackling bed bug infestation is very challenging. The first thing is how to recognize their presence. They might be present in the linens. You could also smell like a slight musty. Even dropping on bedding gives a hint of their presence. Shedding of skins or shells is a sign of the presence of bed bugs. Some people also find itching red marks on their skin. It clearly indicates the activity of bed bugs. Tackling bed bugs is not as easy as it appears. To make it easy, we provide bed bug elimination service. Our experts will provide simple solutions but effective. Those are:

  • Wash all bedding in hot water
  • Dry it on the highest dryer setting
  • Ensure to dry stuffed animals in the bed if any
  • Wash fabrics and upholstery
  • Clear away all clutter around bed
  • Wash anything having bed bugs in it
  • Scrub mattress with a stiff brush to loosen bed bug eggs
  • Vacuum thoroughly around the bed
  • Throw away the stiff brush and vacuumed materials.
  • Dismantle bed frame and scrub and vacuum
  • Buy a zippered cover for mattress and box springs
  • Enclose mattress and box springs with the protective cover after vacuuming, etc.

If you follow the above solutions, you will be safe from bed bugs at least. In your home, you could manage bed bugs to some extent. However, it is a matter of concern for hotels and boarding centers because these places have mattresses in large numbers. And any bed bug issue will downsize the business.