Did you know buying new wood from Home Depot may come with termites already! Think about it, Home Depot will not spend money on pre-treating the wood without charging for it. With a termite treatment, you have confidence in advertising a new home/building termite free! Having a proven certificate, a certificate which My Termite Company provides, to the new homeowners for assurance.


The best time for termite treatment is when there are open walls when the wood is exposed to better reach all of the inaccessible areas that are usually covered up.

Prevention is a key factor when building a new structure. We offer a prevention plan to assure your buyers are getting a home free of termites for years to come.

How Does It Work?

The perfect time to call is right before all the wood members have been placed, the “dried-in” phase before the insulation and drywall are put. This way, when our technicians arrive, they have full access to the wood and can provide a complete treatment to the structure. Better than fumigation, our preventative treatment works by directly spraying on the wood, which is then absorbed, killing the termites inside the wood, and providing a protective layer in case new termites arrive. Fumigations only guarantee to affect the termites in the structure but do not offer any prevention for new termites to be affected.

What Are The Benefits?

Long Lasting Treatment – by label, Bora Care™ lasts in the wood for up to 10 years! 

No Setbacks Due To Weather – unlike fumigations that can be postponed due to rains or high winds, or sub treatments that can be postponed when the soil is wet, Bora-Care™ is not affected by the weather since the treatment is done inside. 

Runoffs Of Chemicals – with soil treatments, many concerns are raised by the possibility of the termiticide to run off into nearby water sources when there are rains. With Bora-Care, that concern is eliminated since the chemical is sprayed directly into the wood. 

Evacuation Not Needed – with fumigations, at least two nights are needed to complete the fumigation; two nights where your workers can not work. The same applies to traditional treatments, where the workers have to be out until the treatment is complete. With Bora-Care™ though, your workers do not need to evacuate. They can stay while the treatment is being performed. Time and money are saved.

Renovating A Home?

Termites and termite damage is easily noticed when walls and floors are opened; You uncover the feeding ground of termites and can see the extent of the damage. You can see the mud maze in the wood and walls, or the “sand” (termite pellets) falling through the cracks. What is the solution? Call a termite specialist! 

A termite specialist will inspect to see which type of termite is found in the home and provide the required treatment. 

Do not want fumigation? Contact the termite specialist when the walls are opened to be able to perform an effective local treatment. Don’t forget the preventative treatment on the wood! You can add the cost to the seller along with the certificate! Termite infestations are very common in Southern California, and preventative treatment can be a selling point for new home buyers!