Tips To Decrease The Chance Of A Termite Attack

Property managers are highly responsible in decreasing the chances of a termite infestation on their building because if not, they may lose the value of their properties. Hence, what are the key actions and potential issues homeowners require to keep an eye on before they search the phrase, ‘termite damage repair near me?’

Let’s review some of important factors they should follow:

  • Firewood should be kept away from the building and stored on a metal stand.
  • Keep checking for leaks in the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry.
  • Keep the perimeter of your building clear of stored goods and plants.
  • Make sure any external taps have a drain underneath and are not dripping.
  • Make sure any cardboard boxes and waste timber are disposed of or kept above ground level.
  • Make sure that groundwater drainage flows away.
  • Make sure the quality of roof guttering and downpipes so that they do not leak.
  • Without treating a suitable insecticide, never use wood mulch quickly near the house.
  • You can use pebbles as mulch and plants in pots to control termites.

Stored items may prevent your monitoring capability to study any termite activity and also decrease ventilation. If the stored items include cardboard boxes and wood, you may be providing nice food for termites.

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