The Best Protection Plan with a Customized Termite Solution

Termite protection and treatment plans may vary depending on the structure of the buildings and the location of your home or property. For buildings, you might need an exclusive customized termite solution.

Our specialists will determine the best protection or treatment plan for your buildings. If you want, the plan can be a pet friendly termite treatment.

With our customized termite protection and treatment options, we use chemical and non-chemical materials or a combination of both to eradicate termites and prevent them from resurrecting. Both treatment options are effective and safe when it comes to eradicating termites completely, but both methods need specialized exclusive knowledge.

Your buildings may require a soil treatment, localized termite treatment or foam treatment. However, only the most advanced techniques along with best products in the market will be applied to protect your property. Sometimes, termite control may be a combination of some methods such as a baiting system, termiticide treatment, moisture control, foaming or removal of wood.

For a long time treatment or protection against termite invasion, a customized plan is recommended so that we can monitor termite activity. Our specialized customized termite solutions will help treat your termite problem at the source and nip any termite issues very quickly.

My Termite Company is responsible to take care of every feature of your property when making an exclusive customized plan that fits you and your property.