Termite Treatment Service in Winter

A termite infestation is devastating irrespective of the season. Winter is no exception. Termites don’t take rest even in the winter. They carry on destroying activities. That’s why, every year, homeowners pay a huge price due to damage caused by the termites. The subterranean termites remain active and they keep on invading the underground place, i.e. in and around the foundation. The nature of this termite group is that it doesn’t go for hibernation; rather they prefer warmth areas like the foundation to live thereby doing the damaging activities. They tunnel deeper into the foundation area to keep themselves warm.

If your house is affected by termite infestation, then winter is the best season to eliminate. We provide winter treatment services in the areas affected by termite. Our termite experts during the treatment also look into the infestation activities on trees and woods within an inch from the ground level. Accordingly, we do the treatments and prevent them from reaching upstairs. Schedule a termite inspection with us if your house is affected with termites. We conduct a primary inspection of your property to assess the degree of infestation. Then, we will devise a suitable plan to control and eliminate termites.