Termite Solutions for Architects and Builders

If there is one commercial termite control solution provider that has legitimately earned recognition, it is MyTermite. It has ensured clients to get more bang for their buck than any other provider. Now it is the turn of architects and builders to ensure that the building they are going to construct is termite free. In this regard, we have three pillars to contain termites prior to constructing any building. Those are: inspection, site preparation and right application.

Our experts will conduct an inspection to understand the nature of soil and the potential of termite attacks. Then, architects and builders are suggested to prepare the site through anti-termite treatment for example to deal with subterranean termite. There is a prescribed dose rate to treat the soil adhered by our experts. At the same time, a fine barrier is created to protect the structure. Therefore, builders can consult us if they want to value for money service.