Termite Control Service for Flats

Termites by nature are insidious. They are destructive to living space like flats. The termites have the potential to create tunnels and have their ways even to a high rise flat. Then they destroy wooden items and paper articles. If the termites are not identified on time, they would make heavy damage to your property by the time you notice them. This is where we would like to recommend our post-construction termite control services. We adhere to globally accepted norms of termite control practice. We have the potential to make your place free from termite infestation for several years. The credit for this goes to our skilled professionals and resources we are equipped with.

We provide a step-by-step termite control service. Therefore, our experts start treatment from the basement walls and gradually they cover pillars as well as flooring. We treat all these locations in your place with high power and non-repellent chemicals. Whatever service we provide, it comes with a guarantee. Thus, you are assured that you will get value for service offers.

Before hiring our service, you need to make an appointment with our experts. Then the rest of the things like site inspection and proposal for services will happen of its own.