Sustainable Pest Management Solution for Biscuit Beetle

Everyone should be health conscious from the perspective of pest challenges and the responsibility doubles, if it happens to be a biscuit beetle. This pest having an oval shape comes with a reddish-brownish hue. Its other name is drugstore beetle. It is mostly found in warmer regions and the conducive environments for its survival are shops and stores. It eats indiscriminately like wheat flour and bread. So if you have stored any cereal items, be aware that there may be biscuit beetles nearby. Hence,there is an element of health risk attached with the presence of this pest. It contaminates the cereals as well as the packaging materials. To deal with this kind of pests, we provide integrated and sustainable pest management solutions.

Our pest management solution is based on:

  • Expertise
  • Effective solutions
  • Sustainability

Further our approach is to foster a healthy environment so that biscuit beetle sort of pests can be repelled. Our experts use a specific pesticide and simple equipment to overcome the menace of this pest. This product comes with the feature of good chemical stability. As a result, the treatment lasts for a longer period. In this respect, we provide surface treatment in stacks, ceilings, and floors in the storage area. Contact us if you are determined to have a biscuit beetle free environment.