Safety issues of Pesticide

Pesticides are good to use for soil treatment. However, there is a general concern about its safety from the perspective of health. People apprehend that there could be health hazards if pesticides are used. It happens if outdated pesticides are used. Even solvent based termite control pesticides are prone to cause health hazards in one form or another. However, we at My Termite Company use non-toxic termite treatment as an effective alternative that is very safe to use. For instance, Termidor and Premise, are water-based and without any pungent odour. And there is hardly any hazard to human beings or pets if these pesticides are used. Termidor and Premise come under the non-repellent category. As a result, termites will enter the treated soil zone and eventually die. This reflects our professionalism into termite control services and the credit goes to our experienced trained termite control professionals.

If you want excellent termite control results, approach us. We will do all possible help in terms of technology use and chemical application to keep your place free from pesticides and termites. We have the expertise to use specific pesticides concerning the nature of the soil and geographical location. We are even delivering termite control services for this season. One thing we would like to assure to the clients that we are providing 100% safe termite control services.