Rodents Control in Hospitals

Hospitals are places where patients get treatment in a hygienic clean environment. However, one can’t rule out the presence of mice and rats. Rats have the potential to make burrows inside the wall. Even they can damage the floors. Other unhygienic activities that lead to food contamination, leftover feces, and urine and infecting the places with harmful disease-causing bacteria and viruses. To tackle all these, hospitals hire us to create a rodent control plan. Catering to this requirement, we provide rodent control services. Usually, we initiate service after a site inspection of the concerned hospital. Our task is to identify the places of rodent infestation and assess the damage.

The site inspection gives us a clue that what needs to be done to contain the rodents and their activities. Our experts implement a rodent control plan by using:

  • Traps
  • Rat bites
  • Rodenticides
  • Bait stations, etc.

These plans will ensure the rats and rodents get attracted and they will come out from the hiding places to get trapped. Our experts also ensure that the cracks and holes in and around the hospital are sealed. We also give guidelines to the concerned hospital management to initiate necessary measures to control rodent infestations. Therefore, it is suggested to schedule an appointment with our experts to eliminate rodents.