Reliable and Popular Bait Systems for Termite Control

Homeowners, in general, fail to monitor the presence of termites in their living places. Most of the time, it is due to the lack of knowledge.

Below are a few helpful facts provided to you by our termite specialists.

Termites exchange food and resort to bodily secretions through a process known as trophallaxis. The chemical secreted by the queen is exchanged among the other termites. Therefore, if the queen termite is fed poison, then the chemical produced by it would be shared among others, which would eventually lead to the death of the whole termite colony. Bait stations containing poisonous chemicals should be placed in infested areas. Our experts install bait stations in strategic locations.

The bait system is popular due to the following aspects:

  • It can destroy entire colonies.
  • It is a safer method.
  • It involves fewer chemicals being used, making it environmentally friendly.
  • It doesn’t require drilling through floors or walls.
  • The cost of applying it is minimal even though it’s fast-acting.

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