Pre-construction Termite Control Practices

Constructing a home is a lifetime dream of an individual. A lot of hard earned investment goes into making it reality. Do you want the constructed property to last long? Of course but the reality is something different. There are certain precautions that need to be taken before construction and after the development of property as well. The former one is pre-construction horizontal soil treatment. The latter is post-construction perimeter treatment. Pre-construction treatment is highly necessitated, otherwise in a few years’ time your property will lose its structural rigidity including the floor and ceiling as well. You can’t do anything once the construction is over. Hence, never have the negligent attitude for constructing a home especially prior to construction. How to go after the treatment is a matter of professional skill. We are ready to assist if you contact us.

We do the termite control practices for individuals and real estate agents scientifically. A very small fraction of your building construction goes into this practice. Yes, our charges are minimal. As a result, you would get a peaceful environment minus termites which increase the longevity of the building to manifold. Likewise, there is certainly a post-construction termite control practice which is equally important. Cost of the service is based on the square feet of the area to be treated. Hope you might have understood the gravity of termite control measures. Hence you can ink a deal with us.