Pre-construction Termite Control Measures

If termites are not dealt with at the beginning of an infestation, then it could lead to the unforeseen expenditure of some thousand dollars. People who are not aware of termite damages fall prey to various types of loss. Taking pre-construction termite control measures is vital. These control measures are often ignored. My Termite Company doesn’t just promote control measures, they also provide the best suggestions in this regard. We facilitate termite control services with a guarantee. Something to keep in mind is the landscaping. Red soil can carry most of the termites and is an obstacle for pest control methods before construction. Measures should be taken to make sure the landscaping won’t create setbacks.

We are well equipped for conducting control measures involving the pre-construction of a building. Our trained termite specialists have experience in preemptive measures. For example, they treat chemical emulsion at the rate of the number of liters per square meter of the surface during the plinth filling process. Similarly, our experts use chlorpyriphos while treating the building periphery. This reflects their expert knowledge and adaptability.