Pre-Construction Termite Control – Commercial Facilities

Commercial facilities, in general, are large buildings spreading across a huge area. These facilities keep records, papers, and documents in large numbers. Thus, these paper materials containing cellulose happen to be the attraction for termites. They cause invaluable loss to the facilities. However, termite can be prevented if a proper Bora-Care treatment is given at the time of the pre-construction of the facility. We have termite experts and they visit the sites to ascertain the presence of termites. Accordingly, our experts prepare a plan to control termites.

If the termite presence is identified, then the action is initiated by drilling holes. Within the plinth area, the holes are drilled. Again, the holes are drilled along with walls and perimeter areas. Our staff injects potent termiticides of high power. We do it till termiticides get saturated in the affected area. Then we conduct follow up visits to assess whether the termites are still present or not post the treatment.

We would like to tell you we are a professional termite control company. We have trained manpower to provide termite control solutions to pre-construction as well as the established commercial buildings. Our professionals use the latest equipment to deal with termites. Hence, you can heave a sigh of relief that your commercial facility is free from termites.