Pest Management Program for Rodents

My Termite Company offers pest control services for dealing with unruly rodents. The qualified technicians follow a distinctive and proven method to control rodents. They have successfully managed rodents issues for many commercial as well as residential clients. The pest control technicians indulge in a lot of activities prior to and during rodent management programs.

Have a quick check over the activities in the following:

  • Assessment of factors favoring rodent activities
  • Assessment of health and safety risk factors arising out of rodent infestation
  • A thorough inspection of the premises to identify the rodent activities
  • Assessment of storage practices and the sanitation measures
  • Identification of the types of rodents and their activities
  • Identification of target areas to be treated
  • Guidance to the clients for the implementation of the specific rodent management program
  • Selection of the particular rodenticide to be used as per the laws of local government
  • Preparation for bait
  • Treatment on the targeted areas
  • Preparation for safeguarding the contamination effects of rodenticide, etc.

These activities ensure the rodents are dealt with firmly and their presence is fully eliminated.

If you want to get rid of rodents, seek our guidance and request a free quote.