Pest Management Intervention to Control Cockroaches

Cockroaches and rodents have their presence in almost all the homes. They cause annoyance and stress to the occupants.They are the primary sources of allergens causing asthma symptoms and the risk of allergic sensitization. To deal with this inevitable stress and health issue, we offer pest management intervention. Our personnel are licensed to apply insecticides and rodenticides as per the requirement. We can address the pest population at your home. Pests in general move within residences in quest of food and water sources. Mostly they are found in kitchens and bathrooms. Even they create shelter. This is where our Integrated pest management (IPM) service comes very useful. It is an approach to improve  sanitary and structural conditions. As a result, pests are denied food and water including harborage. Our personnel judiciously use pesticides after conducting a due evaluation. We ensure occupants don’t get any health hazards due to treatment.

Our treatment and intervention is superior to any other means in controlling pests. We also make periodical visits to assess the pest situation. Our service is very simple and charges are relatively low. Yet the intervention remains very successful. If you are determined to eliminate pests, approach our experts.