Pest Control Service Contracts for Warehouse

Warehouses in general house agricultural produce perishable items and industrial raw materials. The buffer stocks need proper vigilance considering the fact of pest activities. Managing pests in a warehouse is burdensome. It requires a professional approach. Therefore, warehouses in the public or private sector could ink a contract with our pest control company. Given an opportunity we will consider many pest control measures such as:

  • Routine pest treatment
  • Treatment for crates infested with pests
  • Periodic inspection
  • Prevention from structural damage, etc.

We provide this service under the purview of pest contracts. Mostly, we resort to non-chemical methods unless there is serious infestation. As a result, food items remain secure without any health threat. The quality of the commodity would remain as it is.

For example, a warehouse stores rice and we are given the contract to manage it. We will do our best to manage it through sanitation and proper hygiene application. Further, we have many tried and tested methods to peep the pests away from the warehouse. It could be application of humidifiers or use of traps or sticky tapes. All these depend on the outcome of pest inspection conducted by our trained professionals. Our objective is to keep the organic cereals like rice intact. Also, we cater to pest control services for industries producing alcohol. Therefore, warehouse authorities could allow us to have a thorough pest assessment. Then depending on the assessment report, we will inculcate the best pest control practices. A small investment with us will save millions of commodities getting wasted due to pest activities. Hence contact our experts avoid pest hazards in the warehouse.