Pest Control Measures

My Termite Company provides the highest quality and unmatched pest control services. It is provided by highly dedicated staff. The service is not just confined to eliminating bugs and rodents. Rather, all the wood-destroying termites, ants, and cockroaches are eradicated. This is accomplished through four major pest control strategies:

  • Ecological – to control the physical environment is less favorable to pests. As you know, pests do require food, water, and space to survive. The experts will make sure that the pests don’t get these favorable conditions.
  • Physical – to separate the pests from the host. Here, the pest experts focus on physically separating the living area of pests, feeds, and roam for food. This is done by placing physical barriers.
  • Biological – to control pests.
  • Chemical – to control pests. For instance, if the pest belongs to insects, then insecticide is used. If the pest belongs to weeds, then herbicide is used.

Contact our experts to know which pest control measure is suitable to your place.