Need to Protect your House from Rodent Damage?

Homeowners struggling with rodent activities is a usual thing. Have you observed it or not, but you can get a hint of rodent damage by doing a simple activity. Place a pencil under your door, if it fits well then it indicates an infestation. Similarly, you can check the infestation, by putting the pencil in your window seal. Hence early detection and their elimination are the keys to prevent rodent damage. Otherwise, once the rodents make entry, they occupy places such as:

  • Attics
  • Storage closets
  • Wall voids, etc.

Then they start nesting activities followed by breeding. In many ways, rodents are a threat to structural building. Therefore, what you need to do is to contact My Termite Company. We will initiate an inspection both inside and outside of your premises. Here our focus remains on understanding the scope of the rodent problem. It also involves identifying the entry points and to assess the favorable conditions that attract rodents. Then we develop a customized plan to deal with the issue of rodent damage. The first step is to start a clean-out drive for expelling rodents wherever they are present. Then it is followed by sealing the access points. Bait box installation is another rodent control measure we deploy. In certain cases, we recommend clients at the level of landscaping to ensure your property remains less attractive for the rodents. Once you hire our service, we will also carry out follow-ups in addition to the application above rodent control measures. This is how you can protect your property.