Need to Hire the Experienced Termite Repair Specialist in Altadena?

It is extremely worrisome if there is a termite infestation in the property. Some infestation you have noticed a few unnoticed. This is where an experienced termite repair specialist with the right skills. There are many techniques. However, for your information just be aware that it is as simple as that. Our specialist will adhere to the simple and best technique, i.e. drill, feel and seal. The specialist after initial visual inspection marks where the need is to make drills. Then the marked area is drilled mostly in the walls of the house. This effort paves way for filing the solutions meant for controlling termites. Subsequently the holes are sealed. This is how we will ensure your property is termite free.

Our service doesn’t end after drill-feel-seal. Rather we make regular visits and do the necessary audit for termite presence. The best part from our side is we deliver service with warranty. Service cost depends on the type and size of the property like flat, villa, and bungalow. So, don’t wait and schedule a free termite inspection today. Book your appointment right away if you want to destroy the silent destroyers.