Is your Place Haunted by Pests
Is your Place Haunted by Pests?
October 23, 2020
Pest Infestation Sources
Pest Infestation Sources
October 23, 2020
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Need to get rid of Ants

Every household wants to get rid of Ants. The pesticide has the advantage to deal with invasive
ants. These ants live in colonies and wiping them out is a challenging task. Because even if the
pesticides are wiped out, the ants from supercolony again recolonize themselves. Then the
concern is how to overcome the ants and their activities. To understand this, you need to
understand three things. Those are food, shelter, and water the basis for surviving on the part of
an ant. Hence, ensure to limit all these basics so that ants would find it difficult to live even in
the infested location. Moreover, ensure to frequent:

● Vacuuming
● Sweeping
● Mopping of floors
● Keeping the trash away from the infestation
● Monitoring for spills

If you are not comfortable with frequent cleaning, then resort to sealing the gap method. As a
professional pest control service agency, we at My Termite Company (323) 258-5820 would
like to assist you in controlling ants infestation. Our qualified pest control experts will seal the
openings if any after conducting a thorough examination of your building. We recommend using
so many things to seal the cracks or crevices such as petroleum jelly and silicone caulk. In this
regard, effective door sweeps are also a must as it closes the gap between the bottom portion of
the exterior doors and door sill. We will help you in getting rid of any type of pests, contact us at
My Termite Company (323) 258-5820 for organic pest control Los Angeles.

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