Natural Ways to Treat Termites

Termite presence at your place means an indication of wood destruction activities. The slow activity of the termites might not come to your notice. However, very soon you will find huge destruction to your wooden property. There are numerous ways to tackle and eliminate termites. Natural treatment is one of them. Under the purview of natural treatment, you can resort to the following:

  • Release of nematodes
  • Sunshine penetration
  • Botanical treatment application
  • The sprinkling of borates, etc.

When it comes to nematodes, it is about plastic worms. These worms love to eat termites. Hence, wherever you find the presence of termite colonies, release nematodes. It is one of the natural ways to contain termites. Similarly, the sun is a natural source of light. As you are aware, termites always avoid sunlight. To expose the termite infested area to sunlight. If the termite presence is deep inside the wood, then burst it to open thereby the termites would get exposed to sunlight and can’t survive thereafter.

As far as botanical treatment is concerned, it involves the application of orange oil. Wherever you find termites, apply orange oil there. This oil being poisonous to termites will help you in getting rid of those very soon. Likewise, you can sprinkle borates on the termites to repel them. Still, if you have issues in dealing with termites, then contact our experts at (818) 940-0203.