Kill Termites in Eco-friendly Way

There are various ways to control termites. One of them being the periodic cleaning of the location, including all the nooks and corners. Fumigation is the most effective method. There are various termite control service providers that promise to keep your house termite-free. Usually, they charge based on the number of square feet they will be fumigated, but we, at My Termite Company, charge minimally while still ensuring the elimination of termites and their removal from your house for a certain period of years.

When using most fumigation chemicals, the occupants of the home must leave the residence due to the noxious smell. When using our pet-friendly treatments, you have nothing to worry about since this method is an eco-friendly manner. These eco-sensitive methods include using a blow-attachment filled with camphor prior to any blown activity being carried out. Under this kind of treatment, pests are terminated, and occupants don’t deal with any kind of discomfort. For more information on how we carry out termite control and the effectiveness of our services, feel free to contact us.