Identification and Prevention of Stored Product Pests

You might not be aware of their presence of pests but they are already present at your place. And it might be too late to identify and prevent stored products from pests infestation.

Whether it’s the food processing industry or the manufacturing industry, it has been observed that pests have the ability to remain with the products and are not easily visible. So pests indulging in this kind of activity are also known as stored product insects. As a result,  there is every possibility of damaging the packaged items and contamination of the products. In this case, we take a proactive approach in preventing pests. We do conduct inspections and monitor the activity of pests to eliminate them. Therefore, industries in this respect could seek our professional service.

There are four types of stored product pests:

  • external feeders,
  • secondary feeders
  • scavengers
  • internal feeders

We have individual identification and prevention plans. And the treatment is given as per the type of stored product pest.

Now the question is how to prevent these pests. The first thing is observation thereby if you see the pests either flying or crawling, it gives a clear indication of an infestation. Since prevention is better than cure, it is better to prevent them before they incur heavy damage. Hence close inspection is the first preventive step in which the consignments or packages need to be thoroughly assessed.

Secondly, the need is to use the widely used method of trapping. Traps need to be placed in the container. Similarly, temperature management is another preventive measure that yields an effective outcome.

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