Ideas on Safer Pest Control

As you know pests are part and parcel of household life. Most of us have dealt with pests in our own ways. The general tendency is to use chemicals. However, many users have no knowledge about its toxicity. Because of that, we recommend clients for safer use of chemicals. Moreover we suggest the specific chemicals good for usage. If you really want to control pests with safer tips, contact us. Have a brief on certain essential tips in the following:


If you have preventive plans in place, then you shouldn’t bother about pest control in the first place. So what can you do in this regard? Well start inspecting your living space in order to find any holes and cracks. Mostly they are found in screens, doors and windows and foundations. Ensure there shouldn’t be any way to let in pests. Additionally keep the home clean and there shouldn’t be any clutter around. Make sure not to leave food and wrappers lying around.

Try Natural

First, opt for natural treatment to deal with pests. Suppose you want to get rid of mice. Apply bait traps not poison. Similarly to deal with insects, use neem oil or rosemary oil.

Try for Small Applications

Make an attempt to treat pests in a small area rather than the entire place. This will give you an idea of the effectiveness of treatments. Then you can proceed to other areas.

Specific Applications

It indicates using a selective pesticide to deal with specific pest problems. Go through the label recommendations before using. If you are not very sure, call our pest exterminators.

Open Windows

Proper ventilation is highly recommended while using chemicals. The applicant and other occupants must protect themselves by covering their exposed skin. Don’t forget to open windows to clear out the toxin elements in the air.