How to Preserve Heritage Buildings from Termite Attack

Heritage buildings in Los Angeles are something we cherish forever. Its legacy should be maintained. However, the issue here is the reduction in sturdiness and durability of the heritage building. It happens for many reasons. One primary reason is due to environmental impact in terms of heat, ultraviolet light, and moisture. It leads to deformation and degradation over the years. However, the major impact on the strength of the building is due to attacks by termites. Wood-eating pests are the real menace to this kind of building. The value of this property is irreplaceable. Therefore attack by termites will no doubt lead to economic loss. At the same time, it makes a socio-cultural impact. Can you afford this loss? No, and never hence contact professional termite control service providers. Call us at (323) 258-5820 to protect heritage buildings from termites. We have assisted many clients in preserving their heritage properties.

By inspecting your heritage property, we can give you the exact kind of termite treatment. However, we would like to give certain recommendations such as:

  • Clear the decayed wood debris
  • Remove the unnecessary wood products
  • Trim the tree branches around the property regularly
  • Monitor the signs of termite attack regularly

Sometimes, the heritage building itself acts as a nest for the termites. Hence a close watch and preventive measures would help in keeping the property intact. Hence it is advised to conduct an inspection service regularly. The advantage is that any potential signs of termite presence can be eliminated well in advance before they start damaging the property.