How to Identify and Monitor Pests?

My Termite Company provides ideal pest control measures through the simple process of identifying pests and monitoring them.

First, we locate any damage caused by the insects and any debris left inside the building.

Then, we prepare a floor plan that marks the doors and the windows within the structure, as well as all water sources.

Following the floor plan, we go about identifying any cracks, holes, or gaps in and around the doors and windows. Food wastes should also be identified.

Lastly, we set the appropriate traps in the entire facility.

As a deeper precaution, our experts also check for moisture leaks and examine climate control equipment like ACs. We advise you to monitor these areas of the building yourself at regular intervals. However, be sure to reach out to our termite technicians as they have a thorough knowledge of the unique habits and activities of termites. Moreover, they have the experience.