Guidelines to Refrain from Faulty Construction Practices (Termite Control)

Be it residential building or commercial establishment, there are certain construction practices to follow. Failing to adhere would lead to termite attraction and subsequent damage. If you are going to construct a new building, we would like to provide certain guidelines. We have been providing good construction practices to builders and contractors.

The first practice in this regard is related to timber selection. If you fail to select the right timbers, then most probably it will pave the way for termite penetration of buildings and you may be aware of what happens when termites penetrate. Hence make sure to select the right timber. Then keep it out of contact with the ground to avoid opportunity for termite attack.

Similarly, there is one more good practice related to construction. It is regarding the foundation which is another potential way for termite entry. If the foundation is dirt or having clay or easily burrowed through, then termites would find it easy to enter directly by digging the earth. Another conducive condition for termite is if the foundation is noncontinuous. Otherwise, if it is cracked or compromised, then termites might enter from the earth, i.e. below the structure. Another practice is involving wall joints. If the joints are incorrectly sealed, then it offers an easy path for termite entry. So whatever the entry route mentioned above must be avoided. They should be denied paths or gaps.

Taking into cognizance of these needs, we provide the best construction practice to those in real estate management. You can even approach us individually. Depending on the nature of the building and the way you want to construct it, our experts will develop a blueprint where you can prevent termites from entering forever. For more information, contact us.