Fumigation Treatment To Protect Your Home

If you think you need to fumigate your house,  make sure to call My Termite Company to guide you through the fumigation process.

Here is an effective guide to make you aware of how to protect your home with termite fumigation.

If you identify a termite infestation at your home, termite fumigation may be a better option to remove the termites living at your home. Just like most of property owners, you may think termite fumigation will be uncomfortable and intimidating. You may have some concerns about the time of the process, your property, and the efficiency of the process. Let’s know all these things together clearly.

When it comes to the effectiveness of fumigation, it can kill all the termites inside the controlled area. However, you should consider the kind of species of termites that exists. Generally, drywood termites are found specifically within a wood structure and in the subterranean ground. Hence, depending on the types of termites, the areas you cover for may change as subterranean termites are living in the ground.

Typically, the fumigation process takes a duration of three days and two nights. The fumigation process is safe and stress-free for our customers. Although this treatment requires a long time, it is not a repellent against new termites.

As we come to understand your concerns on fumigation, we suggest termite fumigation and other control methods in removing your infestation.

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