Fumigation to make your House Termite Free

If you have a major insect infestation in your home, then it may be necessary to fumigate.

The fumigation process can eliminate entire termite colonies with a one-time treatment. Our structural fumigation services require your property to be enclosed in a tent. Then a calculated amount of fumigation gas is released inside the tent. The gas slowly covers the entire structure and begins to cover every crack and crevice. Afterward, the tent is vented and aerated thoroughly, leaving your entire structure termite-free.

Our experts take precautions when conducting fumigation. The gas used for the fumigation process won’t harm humans. Our fumigation team is trained to perform the following tasks:

  • Termite inspection
  • Preparation of the client’s home to accommodate the fumigation process
  • Tent enclosure
  • Removal of all fumigation residue

We have been providing termite fumigation service since 2008.

Top 5 Signs of Termite Infestation

Termites are a big issue for every household in the U.S. Termites are reported to cause billions of dollars of property damage every year. The best solution is always prevention. Be wary of termite infestation. Here are some signs that indicate termite presence:

  • blisters in your wooden flooring
  • hollowed wood
  • discarded termite wings in the property
  • mud tubes
  • drywood termite droppings

If you find any of these indicators in your home, call the experts right away. We provide termite repair services to households that are on par with the national standard. We conduct a termite inspection and provide treatment.