Fumigate Effectively

My Termite Company uses special fumigation equipment to fumigate the termite affected area. All the precautionary measures are taken from the perspective of health and safety. However, prior to getting involved in the act of fumigation, the area is monitored thoroughly to determine the specific treatment to be used. If required, baits are used to kill termites. Further, fumigators work in tandem with termite control technicians to repair structural damage. With professionally trained personnel around, you can save your premises from expensive damages.

Whenever you hire our fumigation services, our technicians remain throughout the process. Until the occupants reoccupy the place, our professionals’ monitor and caution wherever required. You might have concerns related to the use of chemicals and side effects. However, everything would be done in a safe manner and as per our protocol. In fact, we provide nylofume bags to keep food and medicines safely. Fumigation treatment is provided with specific to the room. For Instance, for fumigating a bedroom, it is advised to remove the mattress covers, pillows and comforters to prevent the penetration of the fumes. Contact us if you have any fumigation questions.