Drywood Termites Localized Treatment

The main food of drywood termites is wood. Hence, it causes great structural damage to your home if untreated. Moreover, a homeowner’s insurance policy does not support you from destruction caused by termites.

With the damage worth more than one billion dollars every year in the US, drywood termites destroy homes severely. Hence, there must be a focused termite inspection and termite treatment performed in order to stop their threat.

There are several types of treatments to choose. The treatment types can be adopted according to the place of infestation.

  • Fumigation. Fumigation treatment, an ideal whole house treatment option, has been employed by exterminators for several years. Fumigation will take up to 2 days to kill about 99% of termites in the house.
  • Wood injection. It is ideal for the places that are easy to reach. Once small drill holes are created on the surface of infected areas, a pesticide is injected into the particular area.
  • Heat treatment. This technique is a type of spot termite treatment where the affected areas are completely covered with vinyl sheets or polyethylene.
  • Electrocution method. In this method, low current energy is passed steadily over the infested wood surface.

For more information about different methods of extermination for drywood termites, contact My Termite Company.