Construct A Termite Free Home

Unless you address the termite right before construction, you would find your home in the devastating condition in many ways like damages to wooden structures and utility poles. Thus, as a preventive measure, experts My Termite Company suggest for Bora-Care treatment involving pre-construction and post-construction. If you have not constructed your house yet, allow our experts for conducting necessary site preparation, soil treatment and putting structural barriers. During the site preparation, the focus is given on identifying mounds and is destructed through insecticide solution. Similarly, there are certain treatment mechanisms followed during treating soil and fortifying with barriers.

Even if you have constructed a house without any termite treatment, you could opt for maintenance treatments. The service facilitator here conducts an inspection to evaluate the magnitude of termites spreading in the building. In case the inspection report finds a serious case of termite attack, an anti-termite emulsion is given to a certain depth. Further, if required, holes are drilled at both sides of the wall to pump chemical emulsion. This is how you could improve the longevity of residential structure through our services. Just e-mail us citing your need for specific termite service. Our experts will be at your disposal in no time to serve you.