Chemical And Non-chemical Termite Treatments

Both chemical and non-chemical termite treatments are highly effective when it comes to termite treatment. However, there are some differences between these two types of treatments. As most of the termite treatments are based on chemical treatments, you should be more careful on safety measures.

Typically, the general method of spraying highly toxic chemicals may make people unhealthy if the chemicals are inhaled even slightly. Non-chemical treatments naturally eradicate the termites.

How do Non-chemical Treatments Help you Alleviate Termite Issues?

  • It doesn’t affect your health, anyone in your family or even your pets.
  • It doesn’t just treat the symptoms.
  • It eradicates termites with products that are NOT toxic.
  • It leaves no chemical residues in the garden and home.
  • It locates and destroys the termite colony.
  • It places termite traps in very vital places on your property.

Most of the time, only chemical treatments can be appropriately applied and properly performed by an experienced pest management professional. In this case, chemicals make wonders in controlling termites. Approved chemical termite treatments include:

  • Building materials impregnated with termiticides.
  • Liquid soil-applied termiticides.
  • Wood treatments.

As chemical treatments are highly flexible and easily available, they can treat termites at any size of larger space and eradicate the whole termite population very quickly. If you have a home or property that is infested with a huge amount of termites, the process of fumigation is the best option to completely eradicate your pests. Interested to have a pet-friendly treatments? Feel free to contact us.