Building Inspection and Chemical Soil Treatment

Home Remedy for Termite Control
Home Remedy for Termite Control
August 5, 2020
Is your Place Haunted by Pests
Is your Place Haunted by Pests?
October 23, 2020
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Building Inspection and Chemical Soil Treatment

The first step to control termites is by inviting a professional building inspector. At My Termite Company for home pest inspection in Altadena, CA we conduct inspection services for residential and commercial clients. Then we also develop an inspection report containing:

  • Areas inspected
  • Findings of the inspection
  • Risk areas that are inaccessible to inspection
  • Recommended options

As per the inspection report, the cost of the treatment control service is determined. While doing so, we take into account the average size of the home, style of construction, and inspection access. However, the area that is to be treated is only taken into consideration for service charges. We are a reliable entity to conduct building inspection and for which we are equipped with:

  • Moisture meter
  • Microwave camera
  • Thermal imaging camera
  • Termite detector
  • Ladders
  • Torch
  • Timber scriber
  • Extendable dogger, etc.

As far as chemical soil treatment is concerned, we recommend it for the entire periphery of the building. Again, we suggest clients opt for a termite baiting program for a couple of months before chemical soil treatment. Our experts will develop a professional termite baiting program depending on your requirements. Accordingly, we will execute the same with the objective to eradicate the entire termite colony. Call us or schedule an appointment with our experts at My Termite Company for pest control companies in Altadena.

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